Create Graphic Table Maps


With the POSnet designer program, you create fast and easy stunning graphic table maps.

Choose from the supplied database with hundreds of images the desired background and place your tables and objects like bar furniture, plants, billiard or a piano. You can stretch or turn objects freely. All tables in the POSnet table map can have a free description next to a number like: “lounge corner” or just “Table 21A” or “Table 21B”.

With the POSnet point-of-sale system you can create as many table maps as you need in your business.

The POSnet point-of-sale system provides specific status functions for your created tables that you can activate in the system programming. Special table functions are:

– status colours for the table; blank = table is free, green = table is occupied, red = table is operated by another user – display of a time bar next to tables that shows the time for how long it was since the customer at the table placed an order. – display of the total time in minutes that the table is occupied for the use with the All-You-Can-Eat concept where people can eat as much as they want for a fixed price but within a maiximum time limit of, for example: 2 hours.