POSnet and Product Graphics

POSnet offers a special function to see product photo’s in the ordermenu’s in which people that cannot read can recognise the product without having to read text. Very innovating is the new PortaPOS feature to print even the kitchen order printer in product icons + text. POSnet developed this feature to enable persons with this handicap to participate and improve the quality of life and well being.

Workforce participation is of fundamental importance to all people including people with a mental handicap. Employment, is a key factor in keeping people with a intellectual disability well. Education and employment provide people with a intellectual disability with opportunities to regain a routine, improve quality of life, and expand their social and community connections beyond the mental health system and their carer. These opportunities are of huge benefit to the individual in question, and to those who care for and support them. Improving workforce participation for people with a intellectual disability has the potential to make significant improvements to the wellbeing of people with a intellectual disability, and to the wellbeing of the families and carers who provide the majority of care and support.