Mobile Table Ordering

POSnet supplies Apps for devices that are available worldwide and come with the ability to communicate through Wi-Fi. For example to sent table orders mobile to the POSnet point-of-sale system. The Apple iPOD touch, the iPhone and iPAD are an example for suitable hardware. POSnet developed this App for taking mobile orders at the table for the iOS operating system from Apple and the Android operating system.

Some known Pro’s for the use of the Apple iPOD touch as a mobile order terminal are:

– for the iPOD touch, accessories are produced and available worldwide, for example to supply the iPOD with external power which boosts the maximum time of use on a single charge

– The iPOD touch with external PortaPOS Power Pack works approximately 10 hours before you have to swap the Power Pack

– The iPOD touch comes with a water-resistant and scratch proof touch display while many professional Mobile Ordering terminals work with a soft touch display that can damage easily when someone would accidentally use a normal ballpoint pen to operate it.

– not unimportant is that while the price of the iPOD touch is many times lower, the quality is very good.