Caller ID function

CallerID function for Catering & Food Delivery

The POSnet touchscreen software provides special features for restaurants that deliver food to your home address. POSnet can connect to the telephone line that is used to take your home delivery orders. During an incoming call, even before the line is answered, the telephone number of the caller is shown on the screen in the POSnet order menu. In case of a regular customer, the name and address details are also displayed. This way you have more certainty when accepting telephone orders. Not unimportant is that the correct name and address are printed directly on the “Home Delivery” order in the kitchen. For regular customers you can look in the “customer history file” and see what that customer has previously ordered. As for large consumers, it is possible to add an automatic discount percentage to the individual customer account or charge sales to a debit

customer account. POSnet for restaurants with food delivery offers a special “Delivery Boy” report that shows their Cash receptions and the average delivery time.